purple hair

I am an artist, an author, an epileptic, a jeweler, a mother, a wife, I make unique dichroic glass jewelry.


You can find me on Facebook and Twitter


I live with my kids, cats, and husband in Eerie, Pennsylvania.  I live in the state of motherhood, just like I live in my tree lined neighborhood.   My children keep me sane and drive me crazy.

I am an avid gardener.  Many days I can be found playing in the mud.  During harvest time, I obsessively preserve fruits and veggies for our long cold Erie winters.  I like to watch the snow fall and I like to walk the rocky shores of Lake Erie.  I have been known to bring home rocks and fossils bigger than I can carry.

Unfortunately, I have seizures.  It’s simply a part of my life, as much as every other thing.  I am an epileptic.  It does and does not define me.   It does affect me every day, like motherhood, like writing, like art, like clinical depression.  I am an honest and frank person.   I like to talk about it.  I like to write about it.

I write fiction and non-fiction.  I write essays, memoirs, novels, poetry, rants, raves, and short stories.  I write whatever catches my fancy.  And when I’m burned out on writing, I make whatever fanciful glass jewelry I can imagine.  I like things that sparkle.  I hang many crystal prisms in my windows.

Cat memes on the internet make me happy.  I would like to win the James Joyce Award for Literary Excellence.  I am quite proud of my own O’Leary heritage, if that helps.  I would love the chance to further research my Irish ancestory in the motherland!

You can message me at katfaerie@gmail.com.

Kathryn Slagle

6 responses to “About

  1. sdizquierdo@comcast.net

    I wanted to thank you for the words you write about epilepsy. When I read your blogs on epilepsy I fell as thou you are writing my exact thoughts and feelings. Your words give me comfort, thank you.

  2. Thank you! Reaching out to people who understand what I am going through brings me comfort too!

  3. Mary Moon

    It’s an honor to know you and a delightful experience to read the things you have shared with the world so far ^_^ you are so loved ❤

  4. helena mallett

    I love your openness … and what an array of creative talents you employ!

  5. I love your blog. I also have epilepsy. Its wonderful to read about someone that can put her feelings about epilepsy into words. Great Blog!

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