Pandemic! The World Needs You

A Review of the Board Game
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Pandemic, by Z-Man Games, is not for the faint of heart.  It’s a cooperative board game, which makes it great for families with kids who like to win.  You all win together.  Or you all die together from a terrible disease that wipes out life on Earth.

Everybody plays a different role, which are dealt out, not chosen.  You need to plan your attack several moves in advance.  And pray that there won’t be an outbreak.

You must race against the spread of several viruses (red, yellow, black, and blue) across the world.  Each major city is linked to several others.  When the disease reaches outbreak status in any city, each linked city gets infected too.

The diseases spread quickly across the globe.  Things can get out of control in one turn.  Each virus starts in a different part of the world, but jumps from city to city.  You must build research stations to cure and eradicate all the viruses.

The game can vary in length from 15 minutes to over an hour.  It all depends on the draw of the cards and the rate of infection.  There are several way to lose.  If you run out of virus cubes in any color, you lose.  If you have eight outbreaks, you die.  It is an exciting, high intensity, game.

My family has lost to this game many times.  I can’t play it more that once at a time.  Pandemic is too heavy.  After you lose to the viruses, it can be pretty depressing.  That said, winning is amazing!  You have worked together to defeat death itself.  You saved the world and all of humanity!!  What a rush!

I give it Four out of Five Stars.  It’s very re-playable, but you may need a break in between games!




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