Pot for Potholes

pot hole

I want all the young adults who are dying from heroin to be smoking pot instead.  Think of the children!  It’s not a popular opinion, I know.  But I stand behind it.  I want marijuana legalized.  I don’t want young, young, kids to smoke; I don’t want high school kids smoking cigarettes or drinking too much caffeine either.  But the young adults, those over 18, who are legal to smoke cigarettes and die in wars.  Young adults at the age of 21 can legally ruin their livers.  Adults should be able to walk down main street to the local pot shop and buy a pack of joints if they want.  In Colorado, Washington, Alaska, and Oregon you can.  My local Main Street is full of empty storefronts.

A pot shop would bring needed commerce and give us an anchor store.  A smoker-friendly coffeeshop could be next door.  I know that the college students would flock there.  And they wouldn’t cause parking accidents like the neighborhood bar patrons.  The Dinor could stay open 24 hours and rake in the midnight munchies dough.  The tax money could be used to fill the potholes on Main Street.  Pot for Potholes!  My car popped two tires on the winter ravaged potholes in the roads this year and two last year.  Think of the cash flow!  Think of the taxes!  We will be flush with funding.  Property taxes won’t have to go up. We can bring back the beloved Party on Main Street on July 4th.  There are jobs to grow.  I want to see all the empty factories turned into growhouses.

I know many people will say, “Never here.”  Not on our Main Street, not in our hometown.  We are living in the end of the era of prohibition.  We are letting opportunity pass us by.  Plants cannot remain illegal over outdated, racist, reefer madness.  The green tide has turned, there is no going back.  Colorado and Washington are not going to give up their tax money.  Marijuana is safer than alcohol or tobacco.  Nobody has ever overdosed from marijuana.  We have centuries of medical science to support us.  Cannabis is Medicine!

We are in the middle of a heroin epidemic.  So many young adults are dying from heroin it is a public health epidemic.  HIV and Hepatitis cases are spiking.  Painkillers are currency.  I don’t want teenagers doing drugs, but they are.  We can’t pretend that they aren’t.  Can’t we give them something safer to do?  Willie Nelson will tell you that calling marijuana a gateway drug is a lie.  Tobacco is much worse.  Drinking will kill you.  Marijuana will make you feel better.  Marijuana can give me less seizures.  Ask anyone who has seen a seizure~ how can a plant that stops seizures be a bad thing?

I know several people from Pennsylvania and New Jersey who have taken the new green pilgrimage to Colorado.  My advocate friends are there and buying legal joints from vending machines right now.  Money is being made and jobs are being created.  Pennsylvania is waiting.  Sick people are dying.  How would you feel if there was a treatment for your disease but you couldn’t get it?

Nobody thinks we are ready for legal pot shops.  I hear it time and time again, “Not here.”  I disagree.  It would be a perfect addition to our small community.  Wouldn’t you rather the kids smoke pot than die from heroin?  Because that is what is happening right now.  Decriminalization is another option floating around.  Governor Wolf supports it.  Medical marijuana is being hotly debated.   I support it all.  I want industrial hemp to be turning the fields leafy green in Hempfield Township.  Bring the Hemp Back to Hempfield!  All you need is a seed.  Plants want to be plants and grow.

Why can’t I grow my own medical plants?  I grow plenty of things, tulips, blueberries, grapes, tomatoes, chives, thyme.  Plants are plants.  They just need sunshine and water in the right combination.  They grow on their own.  You just have to plant them.  But there is a plant that is illegal.  You are not allowed to let the seeds be seeds and strive for the light.

I could grow tobacco which is a far worse drug.  We just accept it.  I can’t explain why, history is illogical.  Grow this, not this.  We need hemp for ropes and clothes and as a significant source of minerals and vitamins.  Hemp is the next superfood.  It is chock full of Omega 3s and antioxidants.  The health benefits of cannabis are numerous, from shrinking tumors to preventing nausea and seizures.

I write my articles.  I watch the General Assembly live on TV.  I hammer away at the topic all the time.  I talk about it on the bus.  I can’t wait anymore.  There are so many benefits of legalization.  Medical marijuana seems more plausible in the short run, but the finish line must be kept in sight.

Why is it okay to get drunk and stupid, but not high and giggly?  There are both altering consciousness.  Drinking is by far the worse choice.  There is no such thing as a cannabis hangover.  Drinking can kill you.  Cannabis doesn’t impair a person like alcohol does.  Alcohol is accepted and idolized.  Why can’t we have our green medicine?  I promise you I am a better mother when I am conscious.  Seizures steal me from my children.  Cannabis can stop seizures.  How can you let us suffer when there is treatment??

I live in fear.  There is the daily fear of epilepsy, which is like a man-killing tiger stalking me at night.  I don’t want to have a seizure today.  I want a complete end to cannabis prohibition!  I have dangerous beliefs.  Being an advocate is an risk.  I know many advocates who have been arrested.  I know more than one person who wanted to and actively tried to be arrested.  I, myself, joined the march, but I did not try to get arrested.  I have painted many a protest sign.  “Honk for Hemp!” was the first, back in 1997…

Our roads and bridges are crumbling.  We could be filling the potholes and savings lives.  Society will not crumble and fall apart if people are allowed to grow a plant.  Free The Weed!

All the money that is going to the Mexican drug cartels could be ours.


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