My Green Testimonial


I wish I was able to attend the Pennsylvania Senate Hearing on SB 3 and medical cannabis.  I would have loved to submit my own testimony.  Seizures prevent me from driving.  It’s too dangerous.  I could not be there to show the Senators how sick I am, to tell them how desperate I am for treatment.  I wish that I could bring my children so they could tell you how scary it is for them when I have a seizure.  They could describe my seizures to you better than I can.  I have no memory of my seizures, I am here and then I am gone.  It’s terrifying.  I can’t predict when I’ll stop & stare, shake & fall.  I fear falling down the stairs.  I’m terrified of spilling boiling water on myself or drowning in a tub. These are rational fears for an epileptic.

I can give up driving, but I can’t give up cooking and doing any of the million little things in my life that could kill me.  Just being alive is a fearful thing. Everything is okay, until it’s not.  I could not even count the number of times I have fallen out of bed.  50,000 people die every year from epilepsy.  I live in fear everyday.  My seizures are intractable and incurable.  I take thousands of dollars of anticonvulsants every month.  I have seizures every month.  I cannot predict when I will lose consciousness and scream and fall down.

There is a safe, natural treatment. It’s been used to treat seizures for centuries. More studies are not needed. Cannabis stops seizures. I just want to slow my overactive brain. 3 million Americans have epilepsy.  Less than half of us have access to cannabis.  The Epilepsy Foundation is in full support of Medical Cannabis.  Anything that prevents seizures is a miracle.  It’s all we want.  Consciousness.  Not one more second lost.  We can’t wait.  Seizures kill.  Cannabis can save lives and is saving lives right now.  I don’t want to leave The Commonwealth.  What choice do we have?  Passing SB 3 is crucial.  People are dying while we wait.  Please don’t let me die.  It is cruel to withhold medicine.

Please don’t overlook the millions of Pennsylvanians who are suffering from the many other illnesses that can be help by cannabis.  I also suffer from IBS.  I had my left ovary (2004), my uterus (2011) and most recently, my gallbladder removed (June 2014).  I know something about pain.  I know that cannabis is a better choice than many addictive pharmaceuticals. We can’t let paranoia and reefer madness prevent ALL the sick people from getting the cannabis they need.  Whole plant and all.  Real compassion does not judge who gets treatment or not.  Everybody deserves to feel better.  And to have less seizures.  My seizures are intractable & incurable. There is no cure for epilepsy. I will have it for the rest of my life, until it kills me.

Maybe you have spoken with parents who have children ravaged by seizures. I think it would be great if you spoke to the children of parents who are ravaged by seizures. Ask my children what it’s like when mommy has a seizure; I don’t remember. I have to piece it together based on bruises. Ask my 9 year old son why he covers my eyes when he sees flashing lights. My daughter is ten and she will have many stories to tell you. Recently, I had several seizures & hit my head in front of my daughter. I may have given myself a concussion. It would not be the first, nor will it be the last. At least I did not fall down the stairs. It’s hard for them to see me have seizures. It must be the scariest thing in the world.

Give ALL our sick citizens the chance to feel better. Please. I beg you. People are dying while we wait. I don’t want to die in front of my children.

Cannabis is not the same as heroin. We need to stop pretending that it is. Heroin is a killer. Nobody is dying from cannabis. End Cannabis Prohibition!


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