House Party


I am glad to eat my words.  I would happily roll them up and smoke them.  I didn’t think it was going to happen.  The Pennsylvania Senate actually passed a medical marijuana bill!  We are on our  way!  FINALLY!  Onto the House!  The House Representatives aren’t as hot about this bill as I am, but they have to deal with it now.  And I don’t mean next year.

The Mommy Lobby that got this passed in the Senate has now turned our full attention onto the House.  We cannot wait.  I emailed my House Representative, who I have emailed many, many times before.  I reminded him that I expect the House to act. They only have 3 scheduled session days for the REST OF THE YEAR.  That includes today.

The law that passed the Senate is not even on the House schedule.  I hate the House of Representatives.  It is my least favorite branch of the government.  I’ve taken to watching my General Assembly on TV.  It makes me crazy.  The House is wayyyyy worse than the Senate.  There are too many of them never doing any actual work.  They can never agree. They want to end out the year without discussing it at all.

The bill is in no way perfect.  Some of it is laughable, since you can’t smoke OR vaporize marijuana.  But that’s okay with me.  The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step and a marijuana brownie.  Any baby-step forward is a win for me.  I long ago adopted that self-sustaining idea: 1% better is better.

Eighty-six percent of Pennsylvanians want legal medical marijuana.  We are the 86%!  The Senate passed the Raymond Shafer Compassionate Use of Cannabis Act 43 to 7.  I would have been there, but Harrisburg is 300 miles away and I don’t drive.  (Thanks, epilepsy!)

I’m always outspoken and I don’t have much of a filter. I ask everything of everybody.  I asked just about all the Pennsylvanians I know (it’s a lot) what they think.  The overwhelming majority of people I polled said Yes.  Even those stringently anti-pothead people agree.  If their loved ones were suffering, they’d want them to try marijuana if their doctor prescribed it.

I am selfishly happy that epilepsy made it through.  MY disease didn’t get struck when they whittled down the treatable conditions.  I have the Mommy Lobby to thank for that.  The moms of children with epilepsy pushed this bill through.  If you’ve ever see somebody have a convulsion you will agree.  It’s one of the worst things in the world.  And any possible treatment is worth a try, especially something natural with centuries of medical evidence.  43 Senators agree.

My current neurologist didn’t tell me that he would prescribe it, but he didn’t say that he wouldn’t.  He was just covering his ass since cannabis remains illegal in the Commonwealth.  He told me to bring him any studies I could find on it and he would be happy to read them.  And yea, he believes marijuana can treat glaucoma in Colorado, so…

Speaker of the House, Please put Senate Bill 1182 on the docket.  People are DYING while we wait.  I fell off my bed and bruised my ribs on Friday.  I’m always glad when I don’t hit my head.

Honorable House Representatives, Vote YES on the Amendment to SB 405.  You can save lives TODAY.  Please.

My ribs really hurt.  Marijuana could help me.


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One response to “House Party

  1. dee

    Congratulations on today’s developments. My ribs are still hurting from bouncing off a wall in March during a complex partial, so I get where you’re coming from…hang in there

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