My Murdered Friend

nik 2

Nikkia Sawyer was a wonderful young woman who should be here today to tell her own story.  Instead she was brutally taken from this earth.  She was tied down and tortured and murdered.  No-one should have to die like that.  She should have lived to a ripe old age and died surrounded by her loving family.  She should be here now.  Being tied down and murdered is the WORST way to die.  I’ve thought about that a lot.  There is nothing that frightens me more.  It is the worst way to die.

I will always remember Nikki as a twelve year old girl, dancing.  I knew her as the younger sister of my best friend in high school.   I remember her getting on the phone to argue with her sister while we were talking.  I remember her following us around their house, dancing in and out of rooms, jumping up and down with their dog.  She was just a child.  She always went to her sister’s track meets.  She was always smiling.

Children grow up, but they are always still somebody’s child.  Nikki was a daughter and a sister and she should have had the chance to be a mother if she wanted.  This man, James L. Duncan, this Monster took that away from her.  He took her away from all of us, from her loving family, from the entire world.  He cut short a brilliant life that was just beginning to be lived.  She was still just a child.

Nikki is gone and there is a whole world of people who are lost without her.  It was only after she was brutally murdered that I learned she had wanted to be a doctor.  She would have been a wonderful doctor.  She would have helped so many people.  Many, many lives will go unchanged without her here.  She was beautiful woman inside and out.

I have cried so much over her loss.  I cried writing this.  I didn’t want to write it.  But how could I let Nikki down?  She wouldn’t have let me down.  I know that in my heart.  She was such a good person, a truly, deeply good person.  She would have helped so many people.  I am sure that she did help many people in her tragically short life.  I know that she did.  She volunteered among the lost people, mentally ill and disabled people that society likes to ignore.  Nikki helped.  Nikki struggled.  Nikki understood.  That is why she wanted to help peopleThat is why she did help people.  The world needs people like Nikki.  We need helpers.  The world is less with her murder.

Dear Honorable Judge, Please, please sentence this monster James L. Duncan to the maximum sentence allowed with consecutive sentencing.  This monster should NOT be allowed to move among society ever again.  He killed Nikki and tortured her and he cannot be trusted not to do it again.  We cannot let him kill again.  We cannot let him torture again.

Do not let this man walk free again.  Ever.  Please!

**I wrote this to the Judge sentencing convicted murderer James L. Duncan.  May he put away this monster for life.**



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