Ding, Dong, DOMA is Dead!


I haven’t been on close friendly terms with the Chief Justice Roberts’ Supreme Court ever since Citizens United.  I cannot forgive them for playing right into the hand of rich corporations.  A corporation is not a person and it never will be!  When they defended The Affordable Care Act I cried and forgave them a little bit.  Today, I love my Supreme Court.

I was glued to the internet all day, reading the SCOTUSBlog as the decisions came down.  I was streaming C-Span live with their coverage outside the Supreme Court.  And I was tweeting and also reading several other different sites.  I am a breaking news junkie.  I watched the clock creep towards 10 am for the third day in a row, hoping against hope that Love would win.  And it did.  Finally!  The ruling came down, DOMA IS Unconstitutional!  Sloppy tears of joy ran down my face.  My children were confused because I was crying and smiling and laughing at the same time.  I was happier than I could explain.

I have reacted the same way, with tears and laughter and clapping, when Obama was elected and when The Affordable Health Care Act passed and then again when it was upheld by the Supreme Court.  All of these things offered me hope that I had lost when Gore conceded.  And now today, the Defensive of Marriage Act is dead and homophobia has one foot in the grave.  Thank you Supreme Court!  History moves forward today.

Finally the Supreme Court spoke to my heart and voted for equality for all Americans.  I am not surprised that the all of ladies of the Court voted to strike down Defense of Marriage Act.  You go girls!  We couldn’t have done it without you.   And all thanks to Justices Kennedy and Breyer for walking on the right side of history.  Shame on you, Clarence Thomas!  You are a man of color who only a few dozen years ago could not have married his white wife.  Mixed race marriage and same sex marriages aren’t all that different.  And they don’t hurt me or my husband.  They take away nothing from me.  Love is love and you can’t dictate it.  It’s time to accept it.  So says the Highest Court of the land!  BOO-YA!

Thank you, Edie Windsor, for fighting the good fight.  She stood up and told the government that it was wrong for them to single out her because the love of her life was Thea, not Theo.  She was married to a woman she had been with for 44 years.  44 years!!  How many people’s heterosexual relationships last that long?  Not many.  Edie said today that if she had to outlive Thea, at least something good came out of it.  What a classy lady.  What a classy, legally married, lesbian widow.

Maybe you don’t know anybody who is gay.  Or maybe you think you don’t know anyone who is gay.  But you do.  Gay people are all around you and they don’t mean you any harm.  We all deserve the same rights.  That’s why we call them rights.  They are unalienable rights.  You cannot legislate your morals; you cannot single out a subset of people and tell them that they don’t count.  We all count.  No matter what you believe.  Love is all that matters.   If two people want to get married, let them get married!  And if they are already married, award them the rights and privileges awarded to all married couples.  Federal benefits all around!

America is finally crawling out of the Long Dark Ages of the Bush Era.  Today we are two huge steps closer to the day when all marriages and all people are equal.  I call on President Obama to step forward and sign a Presidential Order for Marriage Equality.  It is only a matter of time now.  Let love reign!


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