Congress vs. Roe vs. Wade


Eight men and ZERO women have been meeting behind closed doors in the House of Representatives.  The so-called Judiciary Sub-Committee on Constitutional and Civil Justice is deciding the fate of my uterus.  Fuck that shit!  I can’t help but swear profusely.  No women are included in a debate about women’s bodies?!  How is this okay??  That is not “Justice.”  That is bullshit.  Today, in the 21st century, women are still being shut out from making major decisions about their own bodies.

This is Republican Trent Franks’ brainchild that should have been aborted.  Until he has a uterus, he should not be allowed to make these sorts of sweeping decisions.  My body.  Not yours.  These men have no idea.  They simply cannot know.

Dear Congress, if you can carry a fetus, then you can make your own decisions about what to do when you get pregnant.  Otherwise, get the hell out of my vagina.

I have been lucky to have never needed an abortion.  But there are times that if I had gotten pregnant, I could have had one.  That’s my right.  Not only when I was raped.  Not only in cases of incest or when a woman’s life is at stake, but always, every day.  A man can never know what all the circumstances are unless he is in the shoes of a young, scared, pregnant girl who will be disowned or a sick, tired, poor, woman with more kids that she can take care of.  You do not know what it’s like.  And you do not get to make these decisions for people other than yourself.

How would you like me to put restrictions on masturbation?  Every sperm is sacred; every sperm could be a baby.  Where are we going to draw this line?  Running straight down through my vagina but around your penis?  I don’t think so.   Women have the right to decide what goes on inside of our own bodies.   Whether you like it or not.   Whether you think it’s moral or not.

You are free to hate abortion as much as you want.  Make your fucking signs and protest the abortion clinic, that’s your right.  But to have that abortion clinic is also my right.   Fetuses do not have rights; they cannot live outside of a uterus.  That uterus is attached to a woman though, and she is alive and does have rights.  She can decide to do whatever she wants to her own fucking body.  Right or wrong.  Morals are not universal, we all believe different things.  You cannot legislate your morals onto my body.

Making these laws aren’t saving any lives, they are KILLING women.  Recently a young woman died because she was denied chemotherapy because of an abortion ban in Dominican Republic.  She died.  And she is just one of thousands of women who have died due to lack of adequate and safe access to abortions.  All the men get to live.  And who is going to take care of these fetuses when the mothers die?  Oh wait, nobody, because a fetus can’t survive without a uterus, without a mother.

There are already too many unwanted children in this world.  Children are starving and being beaten because they are unwanted or their parents are unable to take care of them for whatever reason, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is that all children deserve to be loved and wanted.  Not just fetuses.  But alive girls too.  Pregnant girls too.

If abortion is murder, and if that woman is damned to hell, what do you care anyway?  That is each woman’s very own cross to bear, not yours.  It’s none of your damned business.   If you think that’s true, let them go to hell.  They’ll certainly see you there, Trent Franks.

I’m sorry that Congress doesn’t think that I’m grown up enough to make decisions for myself.  They will receive my petitions and not my votes.  And I am a voter, midterm primary elections and all.  Women are the majority.  52% of the world has a uterus.  And along with that uterus comes the right to decided what we may or may not want up in there.   I do not want the House of Misrepresentatives up in my or my daughter’s vaginal canal.

I am so freaking mad I could punch one of these House Misrepresentatives right in his dick.  Represent that motherfucker!  I thought we settled this matter in the 1970s.

Ladies of America, if you like your vagina, stand up and shout!  Let’s riot this bitch!  That’s not a threat, that’s a promise.  I will vote you out.



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2 responses to “Congress vs. Roe vs. Wade

  1. nirile

    Have you ever thought there might be a connection between your rape and the onset of your grand mals?

  2. No. I’ve been having seizures my whole life, I just didn’t know it until I was 20, 3 years after I was raped. :/

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